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Communicating with spirit

I'm sure by now you've heard of mediums, seen one on TV, attended a group demonstration, or possibly had a private reading yourself. If this is the case, you've witnessed what it's like for someone to connect with the spirit world or maybe even experienced the healing power of mediumship yourself. I'm going to explain how it works and feels from my perspective.

First things first, I do a LOT of preliminary work to keep my vibration high. I meditate daily (or at least most days), I pray, I talk to angels, I do groundwork, spiritual protection, chakra work, and healing work of the like. I don't just open up and invite all of the spirit world to work with me, let me be clear, that is risky and dangerous. I have a dedicated spirit team that I work with, some call them spirit guides, not to be confused with guardian angels, and my spirit team members are really the ones who should be taking credit for the work I do.

Regular maintenance work aside, to prepare for a reading, the night before a scheduled session, I always talk to my team to ask for their assistance with helping me connect to someone's loved ones in spirit. I tell them exactly what I'm looking for, I allow them access to my psychic centers, my symbols, and my memory banks. Doing this allows them to communicate with me in ways that are familiar to me and will make sense to me. For example, if someone has a connection to a school, they may have met in school, was a teacher, or the sitter could currently be in school, the spirit world will use my clairvoyance and show me a school bus. For more info on the psychic gifts and clairs, check out my TikTok videos, amberjamesmedium.

As a form of protection and to not be distracted by the spirit world, I keep myself closed until I'm ready to read. I've tried several methods in my mind to queue the spirit world that I'm ready to work, from visualizing turning on a porch light to opening a door, or putting up an 'open' sign as you'd see at a shop. The method that works for me, as crazy as it sounds, is to keep the top of my head closed with a gold zipper that only opens from the inside. When I'm ready to read, I open it up by unzipping my mind and propping it open like a tin can. HA! Sounds crazy but it's what helps me not be interrupted by random spirits throughout the day and allows me to sleep at night.

Lately, most of my readings are done online, this helps me connect with people who live in other states and countries, but I do in-person sessions too. It doesn't matter if I connect in person or online, it works the same way, I say a prayer, queue my team, open my tin-can head, and invite my sitter's loved ones to connect.

What I see in my mind appears as a bright horizon, filled with the brightest light you can imagine, and then I see white figures emerge from the light. At first, it's hard to make out any distinct visual features because it's so bright (the sun has nothing on Heaven). I can't say why spirit appears to me in this fashion because I've never asked for this exact experience, it's just how it happens, women appear on the left side of the horizon and men appear on the right. I have actually questioned what about LGBTQIA individuals? Where and how do they fit into this equation? And the answer is that they will come through on whichever side they damn well please! I once had a man come through who was gay and he actually emerged from the side that women usually come in from. How cool is that?!?

Once I've identified if they're a man or a woman, I then make my best effort to understand why the spirit person passed. Most times I can feel it in my body. Sometimes it's difficult to discern the heart and lungs because they feel closely connected in my body but I give it my best effort. Then I will pick up on visual appearances and their personality. Once we make the connection of who the spirit person is, I will continue to talk with them in various ways. They will show me images, send me words, or physical feelings in my body or I'll have a sudden knowing come over me.

I try my best not to interpret the information I receive because when I do, I'm usually wrong. This is where the human ego kicks in and we think we know everything. I find that my best work comes when I surrender and give the information exactly as I get it. There have been many times where I'll get a piece of information and as we start discussing it, it doesn't make sense at the moment, so I'll tell them to come back to it later. Many times what happens is that when a piece of evidence doesn't make sense at the moment, after the session the sitter will take a moment to digest the information or check with a family member who validates the information in question. I get it, it's hard to connect the dots of someone's entire life in such a short period of time.

After we have some validation, we can have a few laughs, shed some tears, or even get a message from our loved ones, I always thank the spirit world for working with me, and then I send your loved ones back with lots of love and gratitude. I close my tin-can head and I'll do some additional post-session work within my own energy field.

Hopefully, now you have an understanding of what's going on from my perspective when communicating with spirit. Please know that you do not have to be a medium to communicate with your loved ones in the spirit world. Talk to your loved ones. They are around, encouraging you, rooting for you, and helping you along in your journey. Ask them for help when you need it. Ask them for a sign or for a dream visit. Then pay attention and be willing to receive the sign they've sent you. Don't be discouraged if they don't show up in the way you are expecting them - spirit has a way of working in ways that are best for you, not necessarily the way you want it.

Feel free to send me a message if you have any questions about my experiences or how you can work to understand your own personal experiences.

Much love!

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