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Meet Amber!

Hey, hi, how ya doing? I'm Amber James, and I work in the metaphysical world as a Medium, Intuitive Reader, Reiki Master, and Spiritual mentor. I've given the idea of putting a blog out there much thought and there's no better way to get to learn about me, my journey, and what has led me to where I am today. This one may be a bit long but I'd like to openly share my experiences.

For as long as I can remember, Spirit has been knocking at my door, figuratively and literally. My earliest memory of spirit was when I was 7 years old. We moved to a new (but old) house, located in eastern Pennsylvania, and I vividly remember seeing floating faces (or floating heads as I called them) in my room. One night I was lying in bed, crying in fear and my mom came into my room to check on me and she helped me feel safe by talking to me about God, the power of his protective white light, and to visualize wrapping myself up, head to toe, in God's love. This became a nightly ritual for me and made me feel safe and protected. Now, you have to understand, that I was baptized Catholic, however, we weren't strict with church attendance but my family always prayed and led a life filled with God.

Then began the house 'activity', I could go on and on, story after story, about what it's like to grow up and live in a real-life haunted house. I can talk to you about hearing voices, having electricity interference with lights, TVs, radios, or anything that holds an electric current. Doors would open and close on their own, things would go missing and be returned randomly, balloons at birthday parties would pop on their own, and kitchen cabinets and drawers would all be open in the morning, you could feel physical touch, and hear whispers, knocking or footsteps. Objects would float in front of our eyes, and physical apparitions would appear for both myself and my mom. My dogs would show signs of being aware of a presence or bark at the middle of the room for no known reason. Ok, ok, you get the point, my house was legit haunted! My mom was opposed to bringing in any paranormal professionals to not stir up or aggravate the ghosts. To say the least, I was curious and intrigued by ghosts and the afterlife but never made any effort to discover more and just lived within my own experiences.

At the age of 19, I moved to Minnesota and at work, I met Lynn. She was actively involved in Spirituality, Mediumship, and Reiki. She helped rid me of an attachment and told me that one day, I too would live a life actively involved with the Spirit World. Fast forward a few months, I moved back to PA to be closer to family (and warm up a bit). I got married and had my eldest daughter. The marriage didn't last long (and that's a whole other story).

At age 22, living on my own as a single mother, I suddenly lost my maternal Grandmother. Just one week, to the day after her passing, I was woken in the middle of the night by the pressure I felt at the foot of the bed. Thinking this was my toddler, I open my eyes only to see my beautiful Grandma Dearest. She telepathically communicated with me that she was there to enlighten me. At this moment, startled, shocked and a tad frightened, having no idea what that even meant, I told her to go away because she was scaring me. I only shared this story with a few very close family members and my mom informed me that my Grandma was a gifted seer and that she had predicted many important events over her lifetime but she was a devout Catholic, she even sang for the Pope a few times, so she would never have openly discussed her experiences.

A few years go by, I was 26, and I experienced yet another loss, my ex-husband Dave died unexpectedly. Already engaged in a new relationship this was still very sad and life-changing for my family. We grieved and continued our life as best we could.

That December, the activity in my parent's home was in full swing, so jokingly, but partially serious, I was talking about getting Ghost Hunters to come to investigate my childhood home and a friend/coworker told me that she felt her help was needed, not for my parents, but for me! She told me "your grandmother is telling me she is trying to teach you but you're too scared and there's nothing to be scared of". This shook me to my core because there's no way she could've known about my experience, plus I had no idea she could even talk to spirit! While this conversation was happening over the phone, we were in a State of Emergency at the time due to a bad snowstorm. Alone, in my living room, while my family was sleeping, I was experiencing all of these chills, goosebumps, and sensations I've never before experienced all at once. At that moment, my dog walked into the dining room, which was visible from my couch, and she began barking at an empty chair. My friend told me, "talk to Dave, he can hear you.". This was the life-changing moment in my journey when I knew I was meant for something more.

I began reading books about the angelic realm and how they protect us. I read about what it means to be a Lightworker. I read about spirituality, palmistry, numerology, tarot, oracle, mediumship, psychometry, telepathy, auras, chakras, crystals, telekinesis, reiki, and everything in between. I began attending a Metaphysical church that my friend recommended, which their foundation was based on the truth of all religions. My husband and family were 100% supportive of my new path and we attended church together, doing many practice exercises, and classes together. My mom and I both became Reiki masters, and we, plus my sister got certified in Quantum-Touch healing. Of all of the classes and exercises over the years, I kept being pulled into the world of Mediumship and healing modalities. I would help people connect with their loved ones on the other side, offering evidence and encouraging messages. I was doing it! I was helping people!

One day while reading for a grieving mother I struggled to make the connection for her, thinking I had somehow lost my gift forever, I stopped offering readings. My health began to suffer from several medical issues and I needed a few surgeries. Friends or family would randomly reach out, looking for help and I would pull a few things from the spirit world but I didn't embrace my gifts, I didn't want to be in that place of not being able to help when it was so badly needed. I know I was put here on earth to work in some capacity to help people heal. I wasn't cut out for the medical field, and I work professionally in Digital Communications, but I know there's more that I need to do here, the feeling of a calling if you will.

Living my life, helping people connect when needed, life is good. Sorry, life is actually pretty great! I'm blessed to have an amazing husband, three incredible kids, supporting parents, siblings, loving friends, and a large, extended family. I have a great career, supported by great leadership and coworkers who seem more like family. 2020 comes, rocks the entire globe and I can feel the pain that humanity is living through. We all did our best to stay optimistic and patient and we made do with the new normal. Living through a pandemic affected our quality of life, but being an empath I was carrying around my pain, the pain of those in my circle, and the pain that the world was having, but for me personally, I still considered myself very fortunate to not have lost my people or my career due to the pandemic. We were all just going through the motions and trying our best.

October 2, 2021, my world changed forever! My mom Vickie was called Home. Suddenly. Unexpectedly. Without warning. I was now forced to live my life without my mother. My biggest cheerleader, my all-time sounding board. She was unlike any other. She was cased in a shell, tough as nails. On the inside, she loved fiercely and would do anything for her family. She and I would often butt heads because we are both passionate and vocal about speaking our truth. We loved each other deeply and forgave one another often. Our family had to somehow figure out how to live without our matriarch. We have to live without the woman who was our glue, our strength, our soft, and it was the worst pain I've ever experienced. Trying to wade through my grief, I wasn't able to talk to my mom as a spirit. I just couldn't.

On October 20, one day before my birthday, I got a Facebook notification of a virtual Evidential Mediumship demonstration for a class of Mediums, so I figured, why not? Hopped on, and my mom came through and the evidence validated it was her! Her message to me was "Don't stop. Don't even think about it. Stopping is not an option." To my surprise, Dave also came and his message to me was "embrace your spiritual" and I knew with all of me, that I needed to find a way to get back into the work with the Spirit World. Out of curiosity, I looked into the school that offered the demonstration, and with divine timing, there was actually a class starting that following Monday. I felt called to it and took a leap of faith.

I found such a supportive environment and got right back on the horse. I completed the beginner and intermediate and advanced classes and found my groove. With the encouragement from my instructor and mentor, I began offering readings to the public again, and even got my website and social media pages up and running. I've expanded to offering group readings and public gallery demonstrations. Last weekend was my first expo and I was able to do 21 readings! I got a little emotional because I'm finally in a place where I feel like I'm fulfilling my true life purpose and I've got the best support system anyone can ever dream of. I talk to my mom regularly and she is continuing to support me, just in a different way now, as she too is working with me but from the other side.

If you're still with me, thanks for hanging in there through my life story and be on the lookout for future additional blog posts. I wish you a day filled with much love and light!

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I felt this so much. So very proud of you, always had it in you and it’s a blessing to watch you soar. Mucho Exito Mi Amiga ❤️

Replying to

Thanks so much sweetie! It’s been a journey filled with lots of curves in the road and pivots but it’s my road and I can’t feel any more blessed and supported. Xo!


I read everything about your journey and I fully believe. You are doing a wonderful job, I have been wanting to connect with my angels.

Replying to

Thanks so much, Deb! Reach out anytime!

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